Collection: MEGAVOLT (Superfly) EV-M6SS / M6SSX

The MOST FUN you can have (legally) with under 5 hp (equiv).  Just introduced in the US!! Individuals/ Distributers welcome.  These Modern, Neo-Retro electric scooters for adults are all High Quality, Full Size, Asphalt Eaters.  The heart and soul of a well built electric moped scooter begins with a High Output 72v 50ah LITHIUM Battery/ 4KW Mid Mount Motor Combo with (3) "Tru-Gear" Power modes. These are perfect for City Commuters, Suburbs, Neighborhoods, College and Business Campus’, Parks, Campgrounds, Beach Strips, etc. Has a Park mode, Reverse and 3 Power Modes + Hyper Boost!   This Unit Kicks Ass 1st and asks questions later! 

SS = 12’ kit (3KW /50 ah Battery) = approx 65mph    (32" seat Ht)

SSX = 14’ kit (4KW /60 ah Battery) = approx 75 mph  (34" seat Ht) 

*** Mid Motor Upgrade also includes:

--  SS= Votol EM150 Sine wave (adjustable) Controller w/ USB connect to laptop. 

    SSX= Votol EM200 Controller

--  Rear Wheel/ Swingarm Assembly (Powder Coated) 

-- Premium Display/Throttle/Grips/Controls

 ONE OF THE FINEST SCOOTER UNITS AVAILABLE.   Considering theres 500w bicycles for over $5k these days, This is a hands down No-Brainer if youre wanting a Top Notch EV Scooter Model.

**** SSX Model ONLY Available by Special Order.  Requires additional Customization.  Contact Us for More Info!